Ocean City’s First Choice for Cannabis

In 2018, Hi Tide opened its doors as the premier compassionate care provider in the community, offering continual healing and a higher way to live. 

While we are always adapting to better serve you in these ever changing times, nothing short of a potpocalypse will change the way we ride the tide.  Experience the ride today, in an environment capturing the salty-aired and sandy-toed, beachingest best shore life has to offer.  In all its marijuana majesty, Hi Tide offers an open invitation to a sweet seaside sanctuary something like stepping into The Endless Summer, Empire Records, and Cheers all at once, but better because we want to provide you with the highest grade cannabis.

The Hi Tide family is passionately committed to improving the overall quality of life of each and every one of our patients. At Hi Tide, you will always be warmly greeted by a highly informed (pun intended) compassionate cast of characters welcoming you to a world of wellness.

At the ready to help you catch the vibe you’ve been hunting for, we will listen to your story in a relaxed, understanding, empathetic atmosphere. We will find a targeted treatment regimen suited to your individual needs. Whatever you are struggling with, we want to tackle it with you. Ride the tide, love the ride, and live the vibe.