1. Log into your account or continue as a guest
  3. Click on the shopping bag to complete your order
  4. Pick up at the counter or request curbside pick-up

Explore the menu and new weekly specials! When you are ready to order PLEASE STAY ON THIS PAGE.  Place your order. If you want to redeem rewards points, make a note in the comments section, and tell your runner when you arrive that you’d like to redeem your rewards. You will not need to enter payment info when ordering on our website. 

We accept cash and debit cards. We have an ATM in the lobby

Come to Hi Tide! You can claim your order in the store with a mask, and even speak with a budtender, or stay cozy in your car while we serve you curbside!

When you arrive, give your money and medical cannabis card to your curbside compassionate care provider. If it’s your first time, please let us know, and be ready to provide your medical cannabis card or ID number, your driver’s license, and your phone number to be registered in our system. If you’re a veteran, we want to thank you for your service with our veteran’s discount. Please provide your veteran’s ID and we will add it to your profile.

 We ring up your order, including all of your discounts, and sticker each of your products. Your change will be included with your order in your bag, and you can get going on your very Mari way! 

*Discounts on specials not reflected on IheartJane will be taken in the store when you come to pick up your order! Please note, sale price items and already discounted items will have no further discounts.