Grassroots: East Coast Sour Diesel Distillate Cartridge

All “Seaweed” reviews are provided voluntarily by private patients

So I’d been wanting to try this cartridge for a couple of reasons. Aside from a tried and true strain specific loyalty, there’s a thing about grassroots that’s as consistent as their product performance – their marketing works. Proper parts progressive cool and upper crust bohemian style, the grass roots brand of metrohemian chic (yes, metrohemian is a word I made up), is all about effective elevation. 

I paired the cartridge with my pride rhythm battery, and the visual attraction alone was all allure. Like if I keep this multicolored magic wand with at hand, I can wave it over today at will and abracadabra, it’s all possibilities.  

The first hit comes at ya clean and straight to the head, target lock on the “I can do whatever I want today” button in your brain. After the second hit, I felt like I should be able to riff advanced jazz licks, and command a mastery of creating a perfect balance between retro and mod style in the craft of artisanal furniture refinishing. 

I careened throughout the day, alighting upon tasks like a butterfly on a flower kissing tour. Muah, one for you, task completed. Muah, one for you, another project done. Smoochy smooch, consider that “To Do” a “To Done.” At days’ end, I felt as though I’d finished everything and more that I set out to get done without putting any actual work in. Like, I’d hired help and basked in the freedom of whiling away a Sunday all to myself.

Ultimately, my beloved magic Sunday stick was given an impromptu burial at sea when it smuggled its way into my bikini top, and took the first good wave it could out into the wide open water. A proper Viking burial for a brother at arms in the war for freedom from drudgery, I think it would have liked it that way.