Flower: Poochie Love by Culta

If it rolled up in human form, I picture the strain Poochie Love as the spinmaster with the swagger – spinning special requests especially – your all-night-long, hitting those hot hits, DJ with the best Js, and I don’t just mean jams. A showman who only shows in rare form, smoother than Snoop Dogg, with hairs and crystals like Ted Danson’s silver fox style if he were keeping it slick with diamond hairspray. Poochie Love is playing a V.I.P. party on a soul shuttle in the sky, flying at HIGH altitude and attitude, and you’re invited. Moving in the groove to take flight and get right, he’s gonna be here all night, baby. In a rich puff of smoke, Poochie Love sends along the airwaves his sweet signature wisdom and wit, “You gotta grow low if you wanna fly high.” Send away the stress of the day to arrive and thrive with this hybrid soulflight of a strain from Culta, coming in hot on the dial at 37.27% THC, and a 5.63% total terps.